Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

Taga Manufacturing Co., Ltd. ( hereinafter called “ TAGA” ) declares that TAGA will formulate the following privacy policy and ensure that all officers and employees (including contractors, part-timers and temporary staffs) comply with them, and also will make a continual effort to improve the personal information management, in order to - keep a confidential relation with the customer (including business contractor) dealing on business and deal with the personal information (identifying or specifying an individual) which is received from the customer appropriately.

  1. TAGA strictly observes the Act concerning Protection of Personal Information which is the law regarding the proper handling of personal information and other relevant laws and regulations.
  2. TAGA clarifies the rules and regulations concerning the handling of personal information and ensures that all officers and employers comply with them. TAGA will also urge a business operator, who is entrusted to handle personal data, to comply with the proper handling of personal information.
  3. TAGA will collect personal information only on approval of our customers and notify the purpose of its use in advance. TAGA will also utilize personal data only within the scope of the intended use.
  4. TAGA strives to prevent accident caused by unauthorized access to personal data, or the loss, falsification, leakage of personal data.
  5. TAGA will not provide personal information to third party without the customers’ consent except there is legitimate reason.
  6. TAGA will respond to request from customers for disclosure, correction, and deletion of personal data, and to cease use of it. We will receive such requests at following telephone number or E-mail address, and respond to them sincerely.
    Taga Manufacturing Co., Ltd. General Affairs Department
    TEL: +81-42-578-0010
    E-Mail :
    Please write “inquiry about personal information” in the subject line.
  7. TAGA will regularly review the above privacy policy in a continual effort to improve the handling of personal information.

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Date of enactment : May 24, 2005
Taga Manufacturing Co., Ltd.
President Youichi Kato

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