200FL Series

This coil winding machine has been developed to wind mid-size coil (stepper coil, ignition coil, solenoid coil and so on).
The spindle winding method is employed as the standard method, and by selecting the rotation speed, winding a variety size of wires from fine size to heavy size is made possible.
This winding machine is also adaptable for the line configuration with pre/post processing unit (automatic parts supply, soldering process, fusing process and palletizing).


Model 200FL
No. of Spindles 4,6,8,12,16
Spindle Rotation Speed Max.15000 rpm
Controllable Axes CNC 4 axis synchronized control
Power Supply AC 200V±10%, 3-phase, 50/60 Hz
Air Supply Min. 0.5 MPa
Machine Dimensions (W)900 x (D)1450 x (H)1450 mm
Machine Weight Approx.750kg

*The maximum spindle rotation speed depends on the wire diameter and the coil specification.

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