200HW Series

This automatic coil winding machine has been developed mainly for perfect layer winding such as stator coil for HV motor, clutch coil, and so on.
Variety options around winding area such as perfect layer winding, heavier lead wire wrapping on terminal, taping, wire insulation stripping, flat wire winding, etc. can be provided. This winding machine has wide-capability to wind heavier wires not only on bobbins but also bobbin-less coils.


Model 200HW
No. of Spindles 1,2,4
Spindle Rotation Speed 1500 rpm or 3000 rpm
Controllable Axes NC4 axis synchronized control *MAX 6 axis(optional)
Power Supply AC200V±10%,3-phase, 50/60 Hz
Air Supply Min. 0.5 MPa
Machine Dimensions (W)600 x (D)1300 x (H)1200 mm
Machine Weight Approx.500kg

*The maximum spindle rotation speed depends on the wire diameter and the coil specification.

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