VMF Series

This machine is a bench-top type coil winding machine for cored type vibrating motor and small armature coils.
Miniaturization of the main body with 300mm width is achieved.
This machine can wind the minimum size core of 3.0 mm outer diameter. The CNC control enables wrapping wire to the terminal and indexing the core automatically.


Model VMF-01
No. of Spindles 1
Spindle Rotation Speed 5000 rpm max
Controllable Axes CNC 5 axis synchronized control
Power Supply AC200V±10%,3-phase,50/60HZ
Air Supply Min.0.5 MPa
Machine Dimensions (W)300 x (D)10165 x (H)730 mm
Machine Weight Approx.80kg to 100kg

*The maximum spindle rotation speed depends on the wire diameter and the coil specification.

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