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Company name Taga Manufacturing Co.,Ltd.
Establishment March.1887
Capital 99,000,000 JPY
President Mr. Yukinari Asakawa
Address [Head Office/Factory]
258-0003 Japan
Description of Business Design/development/sales of various types of automatic coil winding machines, full automatic line with pre/post processing, and sales of other peripheral devices
Banking Relationship Resona Bank
The Bank of Yokohama,Ltd.


Mar.1887 The founder Mr. Hajime Taga manufactured his own design yarn spooling machine .
Over the years, TAGA has grown as a winding machine manufacturer selling TAGA brand winding machines.
Aug.1944 Reorganized as a corporation and established as TAGA Mfg. Co., Ltd. with 180,000 JPY of the capital stock
Sep.1948 Manufactured the first automatic winding machine
Dec. 1966 Completion of new factory in Ohme city, Tokyo
Apr. 1973 Completion of head office building
Apr. 1973 Became a member of the International Coil Winding Association (ICWA),and exhibited our winding machine at the international coil winding exhibition in Chicago
Nov. 1979 Manufactured first CNC winding machine in Japan
Nov. 1983 Head office operation divisions moved to Ohme city, Tokyo
Jun. 1985 Established Korea office
Apr. 1986 Established Taiwan office
Jun. 1986 Established Singapore office
Nov. 1987 Completion of Aomori factory
Mar. 1988 Mr. Atsushi Shimoda became the representative president
May. 1991 Established Shanghai office
May. 1994 Established Hong Kong Office
Aug. 1997 Established an office in U.S.
Mar. 1998 Established an office in Xi’An, China
May. 1998 Established an office in Zhuhai, China
July. 2001 Developed machine model SGE with new wire connecting technology
Mar. 2002 Established an office in Tijuana, Mexico.
Mar. 2003 Established an office in Europe.
Mar. 2003 Established an office in Malaysia.
Oct. 2004 Mr. Norio Kubota became the president
Oct. 2008 Head Office / Factory moved to Hamura city in Tokyo
Mar. 2010 Mr. Yoichi Kato has become the President
Nov. 2012 Established Shinjuku office
Nov. 2013 Mr. Noburou Miyawaki has become the Chairman
Mar. 2014 Mr. Noburou Miyawaki has become the President
Mar. 2019 Mr. Yukinari Asakawa has become the President


Head Office Taga Manufacturing Co., Ltd.
258-0003 Japan
TEL : +81-465-85-3772 (Sales Dept.)
FAX : +81-465-85-3773 (Sales Dept.)
E-mail : main@taga.co.jp

⋅Business Partners

No.35, Lorong, SG. Rasa, 27A 41300 Klang,
Selangor, Darul Ehsan,Malaysia
TEL : +60-3-3341-6691 FAX : +60-3-3344-0050
E-mail: tagatechnology@gmail.com
Korea Jong Woon,Lee
401,Seonggong BLD, 368 Woncheon-Dong, Yeongtong-Gu
Suwon-city, Kyunggi-Do
443-823 Korea
TEL : +82-31-213-9152 FAX : +82-31-213-9088
E-mail: geosung0197@naver.com

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